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we are the grower


Leading the way
in South American avocado production, Cartama has developed a reputation for
superb quality fruit. 

We’ve worked hard for this reputation, never compromising our core values.  We are respectful of our people and proud of our sustainable fruit production that works in harmony with the natural environment. 


Control of every part of the growing process rests with our team and means Cartama Europe is a completely vertically-integrated business. The young Hass trees are propagated in our own nursery facilities before being planted and nurtured by our employed team of Hass avocado experts. Careful monitoring of the trees leads to the eventual harvest, post-harvest treatments to preserve the fruit quality and packing in the Cartama factory. 

The Cartama Europe team in Holland have visibility and access to all our people and systems in Colombia to ensure we have real-time data about volumes, quality and logistics. We have full traceability, we can react quickly to changing orders, we have better information to help with forecasting and there’s ultimate flexibility in fruit size and packing format.

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